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Our Technology

Thermal Scanning System

Thermography has been studied and used for over 35 years to detect and quantify areas of sympathetic (stress) dominance in the nervous system. Using this amazing technology gives us the ability to pinpoint and measure EXACTLY where interference is present in you or your child’s nervous system and to what degree is this interference is affecting your healing abilities. Broken down into a simpler form – our Thermal Scanning System provides information regarding the efficiency of your body’s organs and glands.

Surface Electromyography (sEMG)

Don’t worry, there is no pain with this type of EMG – no needles involved and no muscle pains after you’re finished! Electromyography is used to measure electrical activity in response to nerve stimulation within the muscles. In other words – our sEMG measures the amount of energy coming out of the muscles. That energy is produced by the brain and is sent to the muscles via nerves.

Pulse Wave Profiler (PWP)

Have you ever had a lie detector test? Our PWP uses the same technology - called Galvanic Skin Response. With this scan we are able to detect whether you or your child’s body is stuck in a “fight or flight” response or if the body has the ability to adapt and enter a “growth and healing” response after encountering stress. We are able to measure this activity through the sweat glands in your hands as well as through infrared sensors that detect your heart rate. There’s nothing to be worried about with this scan as it is painless and easy. Are you or your child stressed? Trust us…our PWP will tell you. It doesn’t lie!

Cotton Chiropractic Homepage

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