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New Practice Members

Your First Visit

When you walk into our practice for the first time, you will be greeted with a giant SMILE and a welcoming hello! Often times you will see loads of KIDS, pregnant mommas, bright pictures and updates regarding community events and workshops. There will be some quick and easy paperwork for you to fill out before you get the “grand tour” of our building. After Dr. Joe reviews your health history, you and he will have a heart-to-heart about why you’ve chosen chiropractic care. He will then do a brief physical exam and get you ready for the best part of your first visit – neuro-scans! During your scan examination – we will be able to locate the specific cause of your current health issues. When scans are finished-up, you’re close to the checkered flag. Our front office coordinator will receive payment for your exam and schedule your second visit to go over everything we talk about today. This means Dr. Joe has homework to do!

Your Second Visit

Upon YOUR second visit, Dr. Joe will have done his homework and be able to relate your history and scans to everything about you or your CHILD’S health issues – this is the day you’ve been waiting for – answers are coming your way! Dr. Joe will cover specific care plan details the are uniquely recommended for you or your child in order to optimize overall health and well-being. The BEST part - not only are the questions you’ve been asking all these years being answered; but your second visit is where you receive the first adjustment that begins the journey toward a happier and healthier FUTURE!

Cotton Chiropractic Homepage

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