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Will the adjustment hurt?

The techniques we use are very gentle. With a keen focus on adjusting areas of the nervous system that are reducing your ability to heal, you will often find you won’t get adjusted in areas where you have pain, yet your pain will subside. In simple fashion, the general answer is - No, the adjustment won’t hurt.

Is chiropractic safe for my baby?

Absolutely! We are commonly asked this question, and for good reason. The truth is, adjusting a newborn, infant or toddler is nothing like adjusting an adult. For quick reference, take YOUR pinky finger and lightly push on your eyeball. Did it take long to feel the pressure? Probably not! That amount of pressure is the same amount of pressure we would use to adjust your BABY. As children age, more pressure can be used for adjustments; but it IS very minimal, completely safe and incredibly effective at OPTIMIZING their healing potential and DEVELOPMENT!

Do you accept my insurance?

Our practice does not participate with insurance companies. By eliminating the use of a 3rd party, we’ve found that we are able to customize care plans directly to what YOU NEED without insurance companies dictating YOUR CARE when they don’t have an idea what it is you truly need to be well. The best part – by eliminating a 3rd party we have also found it is MORE AFFORDABLE for you as we are able to offer many different cash-based payment plans. This leads to massive savings and gives you options that are budget friendly!

How long does it take?

It depends! After beginning care, your adjustment will only take about 5 minutes. We understand busy lifestyles and waiting for long periods of time to get your adjustment just adds unwanted stress to your life. Our unique approach maximizes your healing potential and is incredibly efficient. Regarding full care plans – again the answer is, “It Depends!”. Truthfully, to know the full time frame it will take for you or your child’s body to heal as best as possible, we will need to go through an initial examination and neuro-scan to give you this answer!

Do I have to come forever?

“I’ve heard once I go to the chiropractor I have to go forever…is that true?” The answer is, No. However, the majority of our practice members are Wellness Members – meaning they choose lifetime care after they complete their care plans. Our Cotton Chiropractic Family understands how regular chiropractic adjustments give them an edge to living with a way higher quality of life than when they are not getting regular adjustments!

Does chiropractic cause stroke?

Simple answer, No. Research show that any chances of serious adverse effects from a chiropractic adjustment are about 1 in a million – and chances of stroke or death are even smaller. When performed properly, chiropractic adjustments do not appear to increase risks of stroke in any significant way.

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