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Chiropractic Wellness

“I feel very welcomed and can honestly say that Cotton Chiropractic is an office where overall wellness is truly the goal” – Wyatt R.

What does it mean to be healthy? This is an important question for us to answer if we are going to understand how chiropractic wellness care is a key component to living a healthy LIFE! Too often we see and find that the term health is improperly used. Our society tends to view health as a general feeling – one that is good, with little to no pain or symptoms. Don’t get us wrong, it is definitely great to NOT have pain or symptoms. But again, does this mean you are actually healthy?

This is where we view health through a different lens. Health is not about feeling rather it is about one thing – function! You can “feel great” and have “no pains or symptoms” but if your or your child’s body is not functioning at 100% - it is not experiencing true health and wellness. At 100% function – the innate ability your body has to heal and adapt to anything in it’s environment gives you the power to maintain a state of optimal health and wellness. Anything less than wellness is ill-health. Ill-health is the result of a body’s inability to adapt to stress – which leaves us with a decreased functionality.

Where do these stressors come from? Physical traumas – like car accidents and frequent falls as a child – are out of your control; but how you adapt to your environment day-in and day-out is completely up to you. You have the control to make the decision. A decision of whether you want to be healthy or unhealthy.

Most commonly we hear – “I have bad luck” or “bad genetics”. It’s frequently used as an excuse in today’s health care community for why you get sick or receive a disease diagnosis. With this outlook, we’ve already lost. Does it make sense that every year we have a “flu outbreak” but not everyone gets sick? This is because those who are more susceptible to illness are the same people who have lost their ability to adapt to their environment. The rest of us, who function at a higher level, also come in contact with the virus without even knowing it, but are able to fend it off because our bodies DO adapt.

Why is chiropractic different? We believe that you cannot focus on sickness and disease while expecting an outcome of health and wellness. We choose to view the body as a whole, self-healing system instead of simply treating symptoms. In doing so, our approach aims to find what has caused the body to lose its inability to adapt and heal as it has been innately designed to do. We choose to measure how your body is functioning rather than simply ask how you are feeling.

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